About us

About Us

Profitable Holiday Homes was founded by Award-winning holiday rental owner Craig Reid.

“I created Profitable Holiday Homes after the frustration of seeing so many holiday rental properties that were not meeting their profit potential. Poor photographs, unprofessional descriptions and non-existent pricing are killing fabulous income streams for owners every day. If marketed and managed effectively, a holiday rental property can be an incredible investment with immediate cashflow and a great lifestyle to boot. I encourage you to benefit from my expertise and reap the rewards.”

Our Story

We started our first holiday home, Hayes Beach House in 2009 and built it up to be a multi-award winning property that pays for itself an astonishing 8 times over! We added a second property, Sunbaker Beach House in 2016 and within 12 months had the property reaching the same booking figures as our first property. Our properties are not only Award-winners but are some of Australia’s most profitable and highly performing. You might be surprised to know that they are humble 3-bedroom homes and are probably just like the ones that you have. You don’t have to own a flashy beachfront or a grand country home to make great money from your holiday rental. Let us use our expertise to bring you the same amazing results that we have achieved.

Why Choose us?

There are thousands of real estate agents, but few that understand the unique nature of holiday rental properties. As an owner of some of Australia’s most successful holiday rental properties we have built our expertise over eight years and thousands of guests.

There are companies that will put your guests in Egyptian sheets and send you bunches of flowers. We think you’d prefer money in your pocket, which is why we are able to offer highly competitive rates that will save you considerable amounts of money compared to your current provider.

Our model is simple – the more money you make, the more money we make – that’s why we’re focussed on continually improving your bookings – not resting on our laurels. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Healing Homes

Not only do we manage the whole process so that you can make money with no effort, but we help make the world a better place too. By becoming one of our Healing Homes, you can donate spare capacity to our charity partner The Otis Foundation to help make the lives of women battling breast cancer a little easier.

Meet the team

Craig Reid

Craig Reid

Founder & CEO

Craig is the owner of two of Australia’s most profitable holiday homes; Hayes Beach House (Jervis Bay) and Sunbaker Beach House (Culburra Beach). Prior to starting Profitable Holiday Homes Craig was a customer experience and improvement consultant to some of Australia’s biggest and best organisations as well as a hospitality industry consultant. He has published three books; The Complete Guide to Buying a Café, The Complete Guide to Buying a Restaurant and The Process Revolution – Transforming Your Organisation with Business Process Improvement. His fourth book, The Profitable Holiday Home is due out in 2017. He enjoys nothing more than spending time at his holiday homes with his wife and 4 children. If you ask him he’ll deny he has a favourite (holiday home, that is!)

Romina Reid

Romina Reid

Interior Design Consultant

With an extensive background in Visual Marketing for blue chip organisations Romina is the creative eye in the team. She plays a pivotal role in assisting our clients to present their properties in the best light. When not styling holiday homes to perfection she is mum to 4 children and has the misfortune of being married to our CEO!

Roxanne Ysit

Roxanne Ysit

Property Manager

Roxanne manages the day to day running of properties on behalf of our clients. She is responsible for the process “from enquiry to check-out and everything in between”. She is the eyes, ears and voice of profitable holiday homes!

Rose Ann Mauleon

Rose Ann Mauleon

Property Co-ordinator

Rose plays a key role in managing property listings across multiple platforms and organising everything that is required to get listings performing at their peak. She is responsible for getting new listings online as well as updating existing listings.

Robert Watson

Robert Watson

Editor & Copywriter

Robert is involved with the review and editing of property listings. He is the man who makes your listing sing!

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